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Natural Barefoot Hoof Trimming


I got started trimming my own horses feet, having too many horses and not enough money to get them all done by a farrier. I figured I've been watching this for more than 10 years, how hard could it be? So, I've been reading articles on trimming, watching Pete Ramey's DVD's on hoof trimming, and practicing a lot on my horses and several others. As I got into the natural trimming I decided (along with my farrier) to pull shoes off my 2 geldings. Their feet weren't in great shape at that point. He said it would be a good thing to leave them barefoot for awhile. So, I've taken over care of their feet as well.

I intend to keep learning, keep practicing and do the best job I can for each horse I work on

I have joined the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners group, a super group of barefoot trimmers both experienced and new. The program is a series of clinics and mentorships to educate trimmers to be able to do the best job possible for the horses we work on.


Click the horses names below to see before and after pictures, these are only a few that I work on, some of my most interesting cases.

Bandit - My APHA gelding

Ricky - My APHA breeding stock gelding

Tia - Melinda's adopted rescue Percheron mare

Manlee - APHA 3 year old gelding

Victor - Laminitic APHA 6 year old stallion

Boomer - APHA 2 year old gelding

Kelly - Arabian gelding, about 22 years old.







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